BOOSTS STRENGTH, POWDER, PERFORMANCE & ENDURANCE BIGG NUTRITION GLUTAMINE is an ideal source of unadulterated, pure L-Glutamine. Each serving provides you 5g of L-Glutamine to enhance post exercise recovery and minimize catabolism by preventing breakdown of your muscles. BIGG NUTRITION GLUTAMINE stimulates protein synthesis and gets absorbed quickly to maximize muscle recovery. BIGG NUTRITION GLUTAMINE supports immune system also.


l-glutamine 5g*


Consume 5g of BIGG NUTRITION GLUTAMINE with your first meal early morning. Again for faster recovery consume 5h of BIGG NUTRITION GLUTAMINE immediately after your workout sessions. For best & optimum result add BIGG NUTRITION GLUTAMINE with its protein range. So go ahead and push your limits and get speedy recovery with BIGG NUTRITION GLUTAMINE.

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